Chrudim - Hlinsko tourist area

Welcome to the Chrudim ? Hlinsko tourist area,

Welcome to the friendly region of Železné hory (?the Iron Mountains?) where nothing is too high on far away and everything is right within your reach.
Welcome to a region of monuments, dominated by the medieval town of Chrudim; to a region touched many times by the course of history. Welcome to a sports- friendly region whether you are fans of regular recreational activities, avid horse riders or golfers.
Welcome to a region that spreads out under Oheb Castle, mirrored by the surface of the Seč dam lake, one of the most beautiful water areas in the Czech Republic. Welcome to a region, which is able to offer its visitors calm and comfort as well as adventure and excitement.
Discover what until now has been a little-known region, which you are guaranteed to fall in love with.
Returning to the Chrudim ? Hlinsko Region is like returning home.
Welcome to the Chrudim ? Hlinsko region!


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