Educational excursions into the coutryside

The joy of movement in fresh air along trails in the natural beauty of Železné hory is intensified by the well-prepared high quality marked instruction trails. Hikers and cyclists unravel many geological, natural scientific, cultural or historical mysteries here ?.

Natural Science Trail through the Chrudimka Region ? Its total length from the source of the Chudimka river to Chrudim is 82 kilometres. The route passes over an elevation difference of 390 metres.

Natural Science Trail through the Železné Hory Region - The route leads from Seč to Ronov nad Doubravou and measures 22 kilometres. Locations such as Běstvina, Kaňkovy hory, Lichnice, Třemošnice or Chittussi valley combine both a selection of diverse geological formations as well as its interconnectedness with the work of Czech landscape artists.

Celtic Trail through Železné Hory ? Over the 9 kilometre-long route, on twelve information panels, visitors are introduced to the period when Celts inhabited this area. The route begins at the Nasavrky chateau, leads through the Krkanka nature preserve and Peklo, to the locality of the fortified oppidium.

?CITY OF CHRUDIM? Tourist Route - This is a hiking event, corresponding to the principles of an IVV. event. The total length of the route is 11 km.

THE FOOTHILLS Forest Trail ? This three-kilometre trail is located near Chrudim. Here you?ll find 6 stops describing life in the forest or exercises for children and adults.

MAGMA Geological Instructive Trail - The trail leads along reinforced roadways, most already marked for cycling and links to Hlinsko in Bohemia with Chrudim

Instructive Trail to Cat Castle ? The route begins and ends in the chateau park in Slatiňany. The main goal of the trip, however, is Královská hůra (Royal Mountain) with its miniature romantic castle. This was built in the years 1889 ? 1901 by the Countess Vilemína Auerspergová.

The Toulovcovy Maštale district offers lovely nature, parts of which include rock formations, caves, overhanging rocks, canyons cut into the argillite and soft sandstone, as well as other natural attractions. You can visit the natural monuments of Pivnická rokle and Střítežská rokle, the Městské Maštale, the valleys of the Krounka and Novohradka, Budislavské skály, Toulovcovy and Městské Maštale?..
A pleasant ending to a visit to this area could be a climb to any one of three lookout towers ? Borůvka, Terezka or Toulovcova lookout tower.,

Planetary Trail
The length of this trail, which is suitable both for hikers and cyclists, is 6 km long. You will become acquainted with interesting information about the solar system on this trail.

Services for cyclists
- BIKE SPORT, V Tejnecku 543, Chrudim, tel. +420 469 621 252,
- Jízdní kola, Štěpánkova 107, Chrudim, tel. +420 469 620 706
- VELOSERVIS, Havlíčkova 147, Chrudim, tel. +420 469 637 141
- Jízdní kola ? cyklocentrum Plíšek, Wilsonova 590, Hlinsko, tel. +420 469 311 374
- Kola Vašek a Severýn, Dvořákovo nábřeží 222, Hlinsko, tel. +420 469 311 458
- M. Hejtmánek, Na Úvoze II/70, Svratka, tel. +420 566 662 902
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