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The Museum of Puppet Cultures Chrudim

The Renaissance Mydlář building houses a unique museum managing a collection of puppets from around the world. We can find thematically arranged exhibits mapping the history and present of the Czech puppet theatre here.
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The Regional Museum Chrudim

In the neo-Renaissance building of the museum we can find abundant collections of artistic crafts and homeland study collections from the Chrudim region. The permanent exhibitions show a unique set of 39 items of posters by A. Mucha and represent regional history and arts and crafts.
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The Municipal Museum and Gallery Hlinsko

Exhibitions of regional authors are arranged here, which in the summer holidays liven upa the traditional exhibition "Výtvarné Hlinecko", where the works of leading Czech authors are presented. Since 2004, it has been reinstalled in the Karel Lidický Memorial Hall.
Muzeum hlGalerie Hl


The Municipal Museum Chrast

This museum is located in the Baroque mansion ? the former bishop?s residence of the Diocese Hradec Králové. The speciality of the mansion exhibition is a facsimile of the Gigas Codex (Greek ?enormous book?), the largest biblical manuscript in the world. 
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The Hippology Museum Slatiňany

You can find this unique museum, which maps the development of the horse and presents artistic items on the subject of equines, in the beautiful interior of the Renaissance Slatiňany mansion. It is the most extensive in museum specialising in this subject in Europe in the extent and complexity of its collections. 


The Cyrany Gallery Heřmanův Městec

East-Bohemian artists and sculptors of the 20th Century are presented in the exhibition located in the areas of the former Jewish school by the Jewish synagogue ? these are natives and also those who found their home in this region, lived here temporarily or visited here frequently. It can be said that the works of many of them exceed the regional scope by their quality and are included in the development of our modern visual arts, some of these such as František Kupka, Bohumil Kubišta, Jindřich Štýrský, Josef Šíma, Jan Zrzavý or Jan Kotík, even achieve European wide importance.


The Celtic Museum Nasavrky

This exhibition, located in the Renaissance mansion, is thematically focused on the nearby oppidum in Hradiště and on the Celtic settlement of this region. 
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The EX LIBRIS cabinet Chrudim

The EX-LIBRIS cabinet represents the largest and specialised collection in the Czech Republic. The collection is based on sets of book ex-libris, i.e. small works of art on paper and identified in the picture with an ex libris symbol. A unique collection, which creates an exhaustive picture of the development of the present day ex-libris.
Ex libris


The Museum Trhová Kamenice

The exhibition of this museum portrays the life of inhabitants of the Horácko region, focusing particularly on the village of Trhová Kamenice. The exhibition is located in three halls. You will find old decrees conferring various rights, dating from the time of Joseph I and Marie Theresa, documents and printed work here. The historical items include a metal repository dating from the time of the 30-year war and three mortars whose shots welcomed exceptional visitors. You can see period furniture and period clothing, old tools and tableware. One hall is devoted to history of the local school. The biographies of honourable citizens of Trhová Kamenice or important celebrities residing in Trhová Kamenice are kept here.


The Municipal Museum Skuteč

The Municipal Museum in Skuteč has a fairly important place in cultural events. Today?s museum building served as the residential house of the music composer, Vítězslav Novák. Visitors to the museum can view the memorial hall of this composer, the permanent homeland study exhibition and the occasionally held exhibitions. At the present time the museum is managed by the memorial of the Skuteč native and music composer, Václav Jan Tomášek.


The Museum Proseč

The Proseč museum is timbered cottage no. 61 on the square. An exhibition of pipes, period clothing, tableware, ceramics and furniture is presented here. The well-known literary celebrities ? the writer, Teréza Nováková and the Mann brothers are also mentioned here.

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