The creative arts in Železné hory have deep roots. Do you have any idea which celebrated authors might have spent part of their lives here or were even natives? Exhibits of these and many other authors take place here year round.

Antonín Chittussi (1847 ? 1891)

He devoted several of his works to the landscape around Ronov n. Doubravou ? the oil paintings Z Českomoravské vysočiny (From the Czecho-Moravian Highlands), Rybník Utopenec ve Vortové (The Pond of the Drowned in Vortov) and others.


Antonín Slavíček (1870 ? 1910)

Antonín Slavíček lived in Kameničky from 1903 ? 1907. During this period, he created his best works. In Kameničky, the Gallery of Antonín Slavíček is open to the public in the former rectory from 1801.

Hlinsko is the site from whence originate several famous artists from the creative area. Regularly, the ?Výtvarné Hlinecko? exhibit is arranged in the Municipal Museum and Gallery, where the work of leading Czech authors is presented.
Of the Hlinsko creative artists, we may mention the names Václav Lindner (1858 ? 1932), Karel Beneš (1881 ? 1941), Jaroslav Šmídr (1909 ? 1986) or Jaroslav Hudec (1910 ? 1995) and many others. From the field of sculpture, a famous author is Karel Lidický (1900-1976), whose memorial hall is located in the Municipal Museum and Gallery.

Alfons Mucha (1860 ? 1939)

is one of the most famous figures of the secession period. 39 original lithographs have been permanently on display in the Regional Museum in Chrudim. The exhibit is supplemented by documents and information related to the collection itself and the links of Alfons Mucha to Chrudim.

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