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Let us sincerely admit, who wouldn?t be attracted by a walk in the quiet, in peaceful and also picturesque and interesting places after a working week?? This magic is hidden in a walk in nature, during which you can get to know different species of animal and plants. We offer you several tips on where to take such an outing.


The Hlinsko region and the surrounding area

Thanks to its location and the suitable natural conditions the Hlinsko region is an ideal place for summer and winter recreation. The surrounding area of the Hlinsko region is interspersed with a dense network of hiking routes and cycle paths. Hiking maps or cycle maps are available for tourists. The Homeland study path ?Through the landscape of the Chrudimka? is a natural point of interest. It is 82 km long and there are information boards with educational texts and rest places for tourists distributed along it. In the surrounding area of Herálce there are cliff formations suitable for mountain climbing? Devět skal (Nine Cliffs), Čtyři Palice (Four Mallets), Perníčky, Malínská skála and others. The natural beauties are added to by two forests ? Žákova hora by Herálce and Polom by Trhová Kamenice, which are nature reservations. There are also several opportunities for bathing in nature here. The Hamer reservoir is a large storage area for water, which was built during 1907 ? 1912.



Near Trhová Kamenice by the village of Zubří there is the nature reservation of the same name. The reservation was declared in 1990 for reasons of protection of the original meadows and peat bogs, where several interesting species of fauna and flora live. Very close to Trhová Kamenice there is the nature monument of Mlýnský rybník (Mill pond) and Rohlík rybník (Bread roll pond).



The Strádovka nature reservation lies not far from Rohozné by Trhová Kamenice. The reservation includes the Rohozenský pond, wetland meadows. Rare species of plant, insect and vertebrates are also found here.
The Krkanka nature reserve, which is a steep cliff valley of the Chrudimka, spreads to the north of Nasavrky. Deciduous and scree woods with forest fauna are found here. The appearance of rare spiders and molluscs has also been recorded here. You can find interesting species of water organism on the stony riverbed. Movement is only permitted in the reservation along the signposted paths. 


Sečská Reservoir

SečThis is the largest body of water in the Pardubice region and it has an area of 192 ha, it was established on the Chrudimka River during the period from 1924 to 1934. It is 7 km long and in some places as much as 35 m deep. The dam is 42 m high. The dam serves for power supply purposes, water management and recreational purposes. The most beautiful view of the reservoir is from the ruins of Oheb castle.


The ?Ke Kočičímu hrádku? educational path

Kočičí hrádekThis path begins and ends in the mansion park in Slatiňany. It is 3 km long and there are now 7 rest places along it. It is devoted to nature conservation and hippology. Walking the whole path is not demanding and is consequently suitable for families and school outings.




An orchard of horse chestnut trees can be found in Nasavrky. It was founded in 1776 by Jan Adam Auersperg. The orchard was gradually expanded. The oldest trees are those that were planted originally.


The Lichnice ? Kaňkovy Mountains national nature reservation

LichniceThis reservation spreads out near Třemošnice on an area of 338 ha. From the aspect of landscape and the presence of plants and animals, this reservation is one of the most beautiful and most valuable regions in the Iron Mountains. Original beech tree growth and alder tree woods along water courses can be found here. The reservation also includes two gorges nearly 200 m deep ? the Hedvik and Lovětín gorges.



A nature reservation with preserved example of the original primeval forest character lies at an above sea level of 530 ? 620 m not far from Trhová Kamenice. The primeval forest has two sections ? Large and Small Polom. Many rare species of plant, animals and fungi can be found here.


Toulovcovy Maštale

This nature reservation was established in 1993. It has an area of 1083,6 ha. Points of interest include sandstone cliff forms ? the Budislavské cliffs. The valley was created by the sources of the Novohradka River. The slopes of the valley are formed of sandstone cliff walls. There are also suggestions of development of cliff towns here ? Toulovcovy and Městské Maštale. Rare species of plant and animal can be found in the reservation.

The Žďárské vrchy protected landscape region

Žďárské vrchyThe surrounding area of Chrudim and the Hlinsko region lies in either one or the other of the protected areas. The Hlinsko region is interesting in that it lies on the borders of these two protected regions. The Žďárské vrchy protected landscape region was declared in 1970 and it has an area of 715 km2. At the present time it includes 49 small area protected territories and 4 educational paths lead through this area. Žďárské vrchy (Žďárské Mountains) are distinguished by their more or less rounded peaks and wide valleys. More than half the territory is forested.


The Iron Mountains protected landscape region

Železné horyThe Iron Mountains protected landscape area was declared in 1991. It has an area of 380 km2. This region includes a total of 23 small area protected territories and 3 educational paths lead through it. Forest growth and agricultural areas alternate equally in the region. Scree forest has been preserved until today.
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