Historical sights in Hlinsko

Conservation area Betlém

Betlém Hlinsko is an urban conservation area of folk architecture in the centre of the town on the bank of the river Chrudimka. It is a part of the Open Air Museum Vysočina. Timbered and brick houses were built here by petty craftsmen in the second half of the 18th century and the first half of the 19th century... click here fore more


Municipal Museum and Gallery
Městská galerie Municipal Museum and Gallery is the oldest of its kind in Bohemia. Every year the exhibition called ?Výtvarné Hlinecko? is held here, where mostly Czech painters present their work, but there are also foreign exhibitionees. Since 2004 you can visit the permanent exhibition hall of the local sculptor Karel Lidický... click here for more

The Town Hall
Radnice The town hall was built in 1598 on a mild hillock (nowadays Poděbradovo square). Between 1788-92 it was rebuilt in Baroque style. In 1850 it was transformed into the current form. Nowadays there is a seat of Municipal Authorities and the ceremonial hall used for holding weddings, welcoming new-born citizens, passing on the graduation reports and other significant events.
The Fortress  
Tvrz The Fortress is considered the oldest town building situated in a place where the settlement of the town started to develop (today?s square). Another centre like this was a hillock with a church on the other side of the Chrudimka River. First written references come from 1413. From 1547 it was used as a royal customs house for some time. In 1874 there was found 400 Czech groschens from the time of Vaclav III.
Ježdík´s House  
Ježďíkův dům Ježdík´s House is the remarkable building in Hlinsko. It was built in 1904 designed by a significant Czech architect Ladislav Skřivánek. The sgraffito decorating the frontage presents parts of Czech and Hlinsko history and have been designed by an academic painter Ladislav Novák.
Church of the Birth of the Virgin Mary
Kostel Narození Panny Marie The Church of the Birth of the Virgin Mary is located in the place of the original Gothic church (probably Romanesque earlier), out of which only the original tower is still in existence. The church was rebuilt into the Baroque style by the architect Donát Morazzi between 1730 ? 45. The biggest pride of the church is the valubale baptistry from 1628.
The Jewish Cemetery  
Židovský hřbitov The cemetry comes from 1904 and belongs to the youngest in our country. The Jewish synagogue from 1907 in the Neo-Romanesque style was adapted into a Municipal museum.

Husův sbor
Husův sbor
Husův sbor Církve československé husitské byl vystavěn v letech 1925-1926, o patnáct let později zde bylo otevřeno kolumbárium.
Matulova vila
Matulova vila Vilu projektoval architekt Ladislav Skřivánek pro Jiřího Matulu, majitele místních žulových lomů. Na okraji Hlinska, v blízkosti vlakového nádraží, tak v letech 1924-1925 vzniklo unikátní architektonické dílo zdobené po celé ploše sgrafity a žulovými prvky. Vila je nyní v soukromém vlastnictví.




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