Events throught the year 2012 - Betlém


New: Urban conservation area of folk architecture Betlém offers special tours for organized groups of elementary school pupils and secondary school students. More on below mentioned web pages and telephones.

June 19 - September 23   *AWOKEN TREASURE
Exhibition in house no. 362 showing the work of a conservator and a restorer. Exhibition is the acknowledgement to all donors who have given some exhibits to SLS Vysočina.

September 17 - September 21   *THE LIVING HISTORY XI
A week for schools - special programme further to the theme exhibition devoted to the work of a conservator. Reminder: it is necessary  to book the participate on in this programme in advance.

October 2 - November 25  
Ceremonial opening of house no. 178 which was reconstructed thanks to the financial grant of ROP cohesion region Northeast. The exhibition is prepared in cooperation with Seniors? House Drachtinka, Hlinsko.

December 11 - December  30   *CHRISTMAS BETLÉM
Exhibitions in all timbered houses, folk Christmas Nativity scenes, a unique R. Frinta?s mechanical Christmas Crib
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